Rolling fenders


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Apr 26, 2002
Ontario, Canada
Once the warmer weather comes around i need to roll my rear fenders since im getting some slight rubbing.I will also be removing the lower iso's (all 4 corners) so this will lead to more rubbing.I dont have access to one of those contraptions that you bolt on in place of your tire.Is there another way to do this without distorting the fender lip? Any tips would be appreciated.

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well i just rolled my fenders using the handy dandy tool from eastwood and still had slight cracks in the paint, i heated the paint, used a laser temp gun and still ever so slightly cracked the paint so keep that in mind, you may just wanna pay a tire shop to do it for you
get a soft wooden bat and place it between the tire and fender. slowly roll the car forward and adjust angle of bat to change angle of rolling....didn't crack my paint

+1, that is the exact same method I used on my notch & it worked great. I tried it last week on my 95 & it didn't do as well(fenders are a little thicker I think) but still worked fine.