Rotors: Power Stop vs Carquest, Raybestos, etc


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Jul 24, 2018
Albany, NY
I've been chasing a shimmy in my front end and after tightening a loose bolt on the steering shaft I can now feel a vibration in the wheel when slowing down and stopping. I've already done both calipers and pads, but hadn't done the rotors because the PO did them right before I bought the car. Looks like it's about time to replace them though bc the shimmy on the highway has been driving me nuts. What's everyone's opinion on powerstop vs the middle to higher-end rotors from Advance Auto and the like?

Because of speed perk rewards and the 25% off online orders they always run I can get the coated carquest rotors mail to my door for just under $70 from Advance. On RockAuto I can get the power stop drilled and slotted mailed for $102. Are they worth the extra thirty bucks??

Oh yes, the car details: 2002 GT manual convertible. No drag strip or autocross, just a lead foot to and from work. Thanks in advance! :cheers:
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I have the PowerStop on my F250 and they are perfectly good. But for a savings of $30, I would have no issue purchasing from Advance. Btw, when I worked auto parts, it was not uncommon to find brake rotors from different manufacturers cross boxed/ reboxed/retagged...daily driver--get the best price and drive it without worry.
I appreciate the input and think I'll go with the Advance set. They're coated too so shouldn't rust up on me.

Thinking about it yesterday, the previous owner had done the pads and rotors right before I bought it. I didn't like the brake dust so I put motorcraft pads on it. I'm assuming he just used the cheapest pads he could find and they probably transferred material onto the rotors when I got them hot ("warping" them).
I use PS slotted (not drilled() rotors on all my cars. Great rotor and the drilled ones are for "looks". imo, not good for long use. I track my car (2002 GT) and use it on the street as well and rotors are fine. Won't rust as they are coated hats. It depends on what you want to do and how you drive. Most of the time, stock rotors are fine with a street pad. If you want better brakes, get good rotors and good pads. You'd be surprised how good your brakes are with good pads alone.
Thanks for your thoughts weendoggy. How are the powerstop pads for brake dust? I put motorcraft on the car this spring bc the cheapos the previous owner put on dusted like crazy. The car came with Roush wheels that are incredible brake dust and dirt magnets. The motorcraft are slightly better than the prior set.

Also, if I'm doing rotors do I absolutely have to put new pads on it again, or am I okay to reuse them as long as they appear in good shape and I bed them properly? These ones are almost new and were not free lol
I use Carbotech pads and they are NOT dust free. I want and use a good pad mainly for track but use it on the street as well. I run a different compound XP10/XP8 - F/R for my liking. I wouldn't recommend these to you for daily driving as they need heat to really make them work. They do make a good street use compound 1521 if you want to try them.

As for PS, I'd look here and make a choice & GT I think you'd be in the lower category for just street use of the Z17 for a better than stock pad without a lot of dust issues.

If you have fairly new pads and the rotors are not scored (leaving a mark or blemish on the pad) you could probably get by with just rotors and bed the pad in a bit and be o.k. I can't say for sure this will be trouble free, so it's your choice. When I change my pads, I use the same pad and just need to bed the pad a bit without having to do a full bed in pad/rotor combination. When new rotors go on, new pads go on as well, that's just how I am. Also, Carbotech pads are not cheap, so you may opt for the PS ones and I'm sure you'll be fine if you're mostly a daily driver.

Hope this helps.