rpm sticking problem, searched and asked! please help


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Oct 3, 2003
Dallas, TX
hello guys. I just got my car out of storage, and started using it as my daily driver. First thing i noticed though is rpms stay stuck up. Symptoms (were) when i reved the rpms would go up and stay up and come down very very slowly, stay stuck at 2k for a few seconds and then stay stuck at 1500 for like 5 seconds. And when im driving it does the same, ill hit the gas and when i go to shift, i push the clutch and the rpms shoot up, whitch makes for a rough shift and makes it sound horrible like i cant drive. I first tried cleaning my maf, i managed to do it without breaking the wire lol, and it seemed to help the car run just alittle smoother, didnt notice rpms dropping but when i hit the clutch rpms didnt go up like they used to. Daggar told me to disconnect the throttle cable from t/b. I did that and reved it manually and it still did it, so its not my throttle sticking. Then stang8urimport told me to clean my throttle body and iac. I went out and got some carb cleaner, drenched the t/b and iac, and the port where the air goes into the iac from the t/b, cleaned all the muck up with a qtip and a rag, looked clean as ever. I was also told the engine would take a while to start up since the carb cleaner would flood the engine for a while. I connected everything (besides the throttle calbe. She started right up, not flooded at all, but yea its still doing the same thing. When i put the iac back on the idle was about 1500, so i lowered it to 1000. My buddy reved it manually and i looked at the rpms. It went to about 3k, (rpms drop ALOT faster now) then dropped to 2k and stayed there for about 2 seconds, then went to 1500 and stayed there for 6 seconds (i counted) and then dropped back to about 1300 and idled there. Im not sure what else to do, by no means am i a engine wize, it took me 2 days to figure out how to disconnect the throttle cable :bang: any help?!?! I tried to search but didnt find any answers or anyone with the exact symptoms, Thanks guys.

ps, mods are in my sig, you think the bcam could be making it rev weird??
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