Roush Saleen quality control


Apr 13, 2005
Just got my 2002 S281 back a few weeks ago from the body shop, they were replacing the front bumper. I was washing it today and noticed that the bumper is not cut right where the headlights pop in. There is a gap on the driver side between the bumper/headlight that was never there on the old bumper and isnt there on the passanger side. This cant be normal can it? I checked out some other saleen's on ebay just to compare, and none of them have a big gap like this. I'm to OCD about my car and love it too much that this really bothers me. Think Saleen will replace it under warranty and pay for it to be repainted/installed again? Any suggestions on what to do? Here are the pics:

View attachment 322100

View attachment 322101

View attachment 322102

View attachment 322103

Here is the passanger side, where you can see that the headlight is perfectly flush with the bumper:

View attachment 322104
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another forum i posted this on, people think that there is playing room with the install of the bumper and i may be able to close the gap. Just looking at it, it didnt look like it, but i'll give it a shot. How do i remove the bumper cover? How many screws are holding it in place and is it just that easy to take it off/put it back on?
Hey, spederman...

When are you going to get your bumper adjusted?

I'd like to change this thread title from "Saleen Quality Control" (thumbs-down) to "My Body Shop is Lame" (thumbs down).

Oh, and who are those girls and where do I get more pics?