Saleen rear....GT or LX wing?


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Mar 18, 2003
Anybody see a rear Saleen valance with a GT wing on a Fox? Got a pic?:)

The LX wing with Saleen valance looks sharp IMO. This pic never gets old.:nice:

What do you guys think?


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Yep, it's a Steeda and Yes.. they still make them. I pulled that pic directly from their website.

Steeda Aero Spoiler - '79-'93 Ford Mustang

This is what the description says on the steeda site:

"It's an easy 20 minute direct bolt-on for all 1987-1993 LX hatchbacks. It also fits all 1979-1993 hatchbacks including GT's with minor modifications."

Is it just me or does this sound funny. How can it be a direct bolt on for 87-93 hatch LX...but need modification for 79-93 hatch GT? Isn't the hatch the same no matter what year?
No Mike wrecked the car himself. He was hit in the front. He sold it wrecked after he got his insurance money and that other person rebuilt the car - and later sold it. Now i have no idea where it is. Shame cause it was such a bad ass car

Truf. I also remember talking with him and he said the underside of the car was so terrible he was glad to get it off his hands. I think he was as picky if not more than myself as he always had something negative to say about it as well. Was a hell of a guy and he made a bad ass ride. Shame to not see him around anymore :(