Scored some GT-40 Heads

I just got two used GT-40 heads, and included was a box full of part, brand new ford racing valves, valve springs, keepers, retainers, everything, even stem seals. The heads need to be cleaned up and reassembled. I was even thinking of having them ported polished and all that jazz. Can anyone reccomend what to do, and where to take them? I'm in Western NC, or i can even go to atlanta. Best of all, got these badboys for FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!

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Gt40 heads have GT on the corner by were the valve cover would go. also on the oil vally part of the head there is another GT. The gt40 heads also have bars on one of the corners of the head face (part that acc. brackets bolt to).

My vote would be to send them to Thumper if you have no money in them at all. He can machine them (deck the heads for flatness and check them over) install the valves/springs/ect., do a valve job, and port them for close to what you would have in them if you bought them new.

He did my GT40 heads and have pics here if you want to look at his work on them.