Sct X4 Reviews?? Anyone???


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Feb 27, 2014
Just had JBA longtubes installed on my 07, engine light went on almost a week lator. My guess is that I need a tuner. Does any one have the new SCT x4 tuner that can give some honest feed back?
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Don't buy from Amazon, the tune they ship you is for a stock car. Buy from one of the many Mustang Vendors mentioned here and that advertise here. Tell them what you have (Headers) and they ship it with the proper tune. And most include "tunes for life", so if you add more later, buy from they, they ship the part and email a new tune. Which tuner supplier to use is the classic Ford Chevy argument, no right answer for everyone. Pick a vendor used here and chances are in your favor you will be happy.
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Thank you everyone for your input, I'm not one to buy only by "reviews". However, there's no reviews out there. None. Good or bad, anything would be nice on this quote un quote tuner. Everyone seems to sell it, but I'm looking for someone whom has purchased one and has been using it or even knows of a person whom uses it and likes or hates it.
I just bought a 3 five months ago, maybe wait a while to see if the 4 has bugs?
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