Serpentine Belt Dust/Rubbing Between Water Pump & Tensioner

OK, I just finished installing a PAXTON NOVI 1220 SL on my A/C delete car, and I have some serious belt issues. I have tried the following belt sizes: 86.5, 86, 85.5, 85, 84.5 and still have clearance issues between the tensioner and water pump pulley. The 84.5 is better than the rest, but I honestly don't think I could fit a smaller belt on. Also, I have serious belt dust in the engine bay, but I don't think it's just because of the clearance issue between the water pump pulley and belt tensioner.

I also had squealing over 2,000 RPM for the first few miles I drove the car. As I drove it, the squealing started to go away.

Does the belt just need to adjust to the new set-up, or do I need to go smaller?

I can't be the only one who's had this problem... PLEASE HELP!
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yeah I have the same problem...I cant remember the belt size I will have to outside and look but you will need to go smaller. It will be a tight fit at first. I had to take a flat blade screw driver and pry the belt on at first with the tensioner not even on there so it will have to be REALLLLY tight but when the belt gets hot it will strecth and you should be fine...keep going smaller I will look later and find out what size belt I used
Do you have any pics on the way you have it routed ...I had the same issue and i just routed it diff...I have all accessories except my smog pump and i was always having to change my belt up un till now ...take a pic and i'll see if it looks like what i had.
Well, I put a small split the $54 belt trying to pry it on. It's no longer usable.

I tried prying it on to every accessory pulley. No luck. I still have on my alternator underdrive pulley, which I think is smaller than stock. If I put the stock pulley back on, the longer belt (845 that is rubbing now) might just work... maybe. What's the easiest way to remove the alternator pulley?

I have the system routed just like stock. Around the left side of the alternator & smog pump. From the alternator (on the lower side now because of the Paxton braket) and up and over the water pump pulley from the left. Back down and around the left of the crankshaft pulley. From the crankshaft, up and over the power steering pump (around it's right side). Here's a pick of the belt that's too long, without the tensioner installed.


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So I talked to the tech guys at Paxton today. They basically told me that the NOVI 1220 is not designed for cars with the A/C deleted (power steering moved up to where A/C was), so I am basically out of luck... unless I do one of the following:

1. Re-install the factory A/C /power steering bracket, move the power steering unit back down, and install a pulley where the A/C should be.

2. Reverse the belt tensioner so it pushes up instead of down towards the water pump pulley.

Has anyone ever reversed their belt tensioner before? How is it done?
The way you can fix this is to put a cobra water pump pully on it because it is smaller. You also will need to get a larger powersteering pump pully Iam not sure of the ford part number but I ran into this when I was doing my install a year ago or so and this fixed my problem I tried all the same stuff you have tried. But I have also seen it were you grind of the tab from the back of the tens asy and run the belt over the top of it use your 3/8 ratchet and 18 mm socket get some tension on it and tighten the jam nut on the back of the tens asy with the tens going toward the hood. This is not the best way to do it but it will work just don't over tighten the belt and good luck.
The tensioner pulley is not the issue. The shorter belt doesn't even fit when the tensioner is removed.

I have the Cobra water pump pulley on order from 5.0 resto. It is smaller than stock, so hopefully that does the trick. I only need about 1/8" to 1/4" to clear it.
Finally got it working today with no rubbing!

I used the '93 Cobra pulley along with the 835 belt, and then cut off the pin that is cast into the back of the belt tensioner. This allowed me to angle it up just a bit more, and now the belts don't touch. I just had to manually apply the tension, and tighten down the tensioner to the bracket.

This car's a beast now!:D