Shelby Intake

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Yea, they're good intakes, value? Hard to say. Check Ebay. This intake is the same as these: Ford C9OX, Ford Racing's current A321, Edelbrock's old F4B (their pre RPM intake) And lastly, the "Cobra" lettered intake (the other version of the one you have) . With the correct date code, it could be worth up to $300-400 to the right buyer. Thats the only way you'll get top dollar for it. The Ford A321 sells for about $200 new. Good intakes, even though the intake runners are of the unequal length layout. I've got the A321 on my V8 Ranger. :nice:
If you just want a new intake manifold, you might check your local craigs list. Lots of deals on parts there.
If you want the new intake for an investment, offer him 50. If he tries the ' but this is made from unobtainium', ask how long he wants to sit on it....
The down side to collector parts is finding buyers that are concerned with date codes.
I have a complete "A" code engine with buddy bar 'cobra' valve covers that needs a rebuild in my garage. Most folks think it's only worth a couple hundred bucks as a 'core'.
I think it's worth more, but then I don't know anybody who is willing to pay what I think it's worth. I actually don't want to sell it, because I think the motor and the carb and the valve covers with all the aluminum tags make it 'unobtainium'.