SOLD (Shipped) Thank You ........ Adjustable Clutch Cable Kit (used for 2 hours)


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Dec 24, 2003
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Price: $60
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Description and Model Year
Ford Performance Firewall Cable Adjuster (79-04 All)Cost Me $66.85
Maximum Motorsports High Performance Clutch Cable (82-95 5.0L; 96-04Cost Me $99.97
Aluminum Clutch Quadrant Single Claw 79-04 All (American Muscle stopped selling this item)Cost Me $39.95
OK, If you have not followed my build thread here is the story in short form. I Did Not pay attention when I ordered the items close enough and ended up with the incorrect parts.

I had these items on my 95 3.8 for about 2 hours worth of driving and realized there was a major issue. I contacted American Muscle and explained the entire situation and they told me that these items would never in any way work for the application that I am trying to use them for. So they tried to get me into the right parts but they do not sell the cable that I will need. SO, they gave me a direct line to one of the sales people at LMR and the correct part number for the kit that I need and LMR sells.

What I replaced these items with:
I am asking $60 for the parts in the picture because they are mildly used. I will pay for the shipping inside the U.S.
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