Guys, i can only find the flowmaster 80 series same side in out muffler

places with kits wont' seperate except roush, only the muffler for the 01-04 kit will seperate from kit and its 191.00 ... that's a little steep for one muffler.

im looking to see if anyone can help me find a muffler for the side exhaust that sounds good and flows well.

i'm not against the 80 series if ya'll have used it and liked but, i wanted some input.
and if that's what i need to go with is there anyone in the mustang sites that has good prices on exhuast stuff, i know i've heard a guy mentioned on one of the sites before.... but forget hs s/n.

any help or suggestions would be appreciated
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trav i see you can read... not everyone one checks both talk and tech and i wasn't sure which i should put it in... i also need feedback quickly as i need to get my mufflers and finish uup my exhaust... that ok with you newb?

87_GT,, thanks forgot to check out spintech