Guys, i can only find the flowmaster 80 series same side in out muffler

places with kits wont' seperate except roush, only the muffler for the 01-04 kit will seperate from kit and its 191.00 ... that's a little steep for one muffler.

im looking to see if anyone can help me find a muffler for the side exhaust that sounds good and flows well.

i'm not against the 80 series if ya'll have used it and liked but, i wanted some input.
and if that's what i need to go with is there anyone in the mustang sites that has good prices on exhuast stuff, i know i've heard a guy mentioned on one of the sites before.... but forget hs s/n.

any help or suggestions would be appreciated
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well i did some serching on the mufflers and the loudest muffler made by flow in convention not race mufflers is the 40 series oviuosly then the 40 delta then the 80 it says its designed for tight locations and what not so im sure the sound quality is still there probley pretty loud too
The actual side exhuast where it comes out the side I mean. To tell you the truth, I don't know what it looks like. I saw one kit on cobra one time though. It just had the pipes out the side and actually looked really cool. I guess yu are talking about the kind inside of a body mold? I am sure it has to hang lower than the normal side molding though.
How does it sound?