Since My Mustang Is Broken...


They make new pistons every day, so why worry?
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Jul 2, 2009
South Jersey
I enjoy going to a few car shows a year, not that I'm an addict but there are some that are just a lot of fun to attend. This past weekend I attended the Wildwood, NJ car show. 650 cars on the boardwalk and always a good time. I was looking forward to taking my Mustang down to the show but as most of you already know, we crashed the crap out of it the last trip out to the track and it's not quite finished yet. So... (and this is where I'm hoping an understanding group of Mustang fans come to not hate me) I took the car I built for my father down the shore this past weekend. I finished this car about 2 years ago and drive it far more than my dad ever does. I was able to get my car fix in for the weekend and will certainly make some headway on repairing the Mustang this week.

And this is why I couldn't make it with the Mustang...

Anyone else have to cheat on there Mustang every once in a while to get the car fix in? Or am I all alone...
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I actually just hang at the track and help/watch my friends do their thing when I'm not driving mine. My rearend is out of the car. Getting ready to do the TeamZ suspension and boxes. Wish I had another car to play with
I have my jeep. Wrenching on that is even easier than the Fox.... well at least after I drill out all the torx bolts that Chrysler thought was a fan:leghump:ingtastic idea.
This is me launching a 1/4 pass in my 73 vette which I sold in 2005 for $12,600. I had it modded fairly good but not to radical. 350 w auto trans. The pic was taken at Cecil County Dragstrip at an all Corvette event. I won Top Eliminator and won trophy that day with consistent 13.20's ET. It was a great day. I toasted a 2003 50th anniversary C5 vert for the final winning pass.

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