Smog pump ticking/tapping


May 23, 2005
Baton Rouge, LA
The tapping sound i thought might have been exhaust leak is the smog pump
Found out by putting a long screw driver to it then listen to the end with my ear, its definately the smog pump
Is it suppose to kinda make a tap tap tap sound? Im not getting any codes or anything.
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Smog pumps have vanes in them. When it starts to make noise that means the vanes are scrapping the inner housing wall.

Do you have state emissions? If not either bypass the smog pump with a shorter belt or replace the pump with an eliminator.
Joe is right on. The path of the vanes inside the housing is elliptical, so a little bearing play on the main shaft can allow the above-mentioned scraping.

I opened mine up and cleaned it (It wasnt even dirty inside, nor corroded) and doing so made it noisier :bang:

A member on here was kind enough to send me his ;), which has worked great.

FWIW, you can get Joe's favorite at the parts store for about 100 bucks with a LLT.

It looks like you can use a fox pump, but the air tube fitting is on the side and could have an interferance issue with the ABS lines. NOTE that I have not done more than eyeball it.

Good luck.
For anyone who got a funny email notification - I posted the wrong info on the wrong thread. :rlaugh:

A smog delete would be how I do it (NOTE that I have NOT done a delete - we have strict smog testing here). They are like 60 bucks or so. A search would reveal the good ones (some require light clearancing as I recall). That's better than running a 'tard belt or something like that, since this is going to be permanent for you (and with no cats, it sure makes sense to get rid of it).

Good luck.