Smoked Headlights?


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Sep 29, 2003
Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Does anyone know where I can get smoked headlights with the clear corners (not the amber ones)? I know there is a set on American Muscle, but those look too dark. I've seen cars on Stangnet with the stock-darkness smoked headlights with clear corners. Where are people buying these from? Mine are chipped and are starting to peel along the edges.

Something lighter than these ...

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Thanks!! :SNSign:
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Something like this?

i think I know what your talking about.


Like mine??

I didnt get them off AM, I ordered them off ebay. They were only 100 bucks but they werent the best lights. The housing wasnt sealed great at all, I had to seal it myself and even when I did it still had condensation in the headlights :shrug: its up to you, if the ones off AM arent that more expensive I'd say go with those.
Yeah, just like the ones you've got. Problem is, the American Muscle ones are too dark for my liking (I don't see that well at night as it is, and the Mustangs headlights suck, so why make the headlight lens darker?)

I'd MUCH prefer the lighter smoked headlights since I need to replace my headlights anyways. It's a shame that the aftermarket varieties (from what I hear) and terrible for condensation and fitment.
i have them. they have been pretty good for the ~3 years i have had them. they are starting to get that haze the stockers get but its no where near as bad as the stock ones get...for now.

the issue that bothers me the most is that this past summer i stayed down in NC for the summer and the sun heated up my passenger light so much that it made the adhesive glue on the inside to start to drip down the inside of the lens near where the amber insert would be for the turn signal on the stock set.

they have the potential for moisture buildup just like any other aftermarket set but you can remedy a lot of it with a few strategically drilled holes

overall theyre great and will be buying them some point (definite)

I wonder why all these companies producing these aftermarket headlights are sub-par when it comes to quality? It's a shame really. I guess these are cheap parts made in China, like most things now-days.

Where did you get your lights from, RedDaemon?
i've had both the clear corner and the dark smoked ones. i got mine from ebay both times and they have been a decent quality for the price. i want to get rid of my smoked ones now b/c i cant see **** at night even with the HID's
Matt, I wrote you back about the PM. The headlights weren't the best quality, but they never got any condensation in them. The weather stripping on mine is starting to crack and I need to clean them up with a good wet sanding. Probably won't because I'm selling the car soon. Hope this helps.

The weather stripping on mine is starting to crack and I need to clean them up with a good wet sanding. Probably won't because I'm selling the car soon. Hope this helps.


holy crap thanks for reminding me. idk why i forgot it in the first place!

the plastic weather stripping on the tops of my headlamps have over time shrunk (slightly), which have caused them to pull away from the plastic and not fit well (perfectly) around the lamp. Theyre not too bad for driving but theyre not acceptable for show purposes.

i think you ought to wetsand them if youre going to sell the car..itll make the car look more appealing. it doesnt take long either. you can try buffing them with 'Meguiars Plastx' or whatever its called. I have had great results with it
Too bad these aftermarket lights are such a "miss." I've read a DIY online that tells you how to modify the stockers to take out that yellow piece for the turn signal. Looks alot cleaner. The downside is that you need to cut (with a dremel), the side of the headlight housing, remove the yellow plastic piece and then you have to re-seal it. Not sure if that would be the better route to go here or not. We'll see I guess.