smoking a trans am

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I got heads and cam and almost every bolt on. I can can hang with my friends LS1, that did a 12.7 on drag radiols. Even though once i went into fifth he killed me. . Im hoping a T-56 will fix that but i also dont have a tune
My et's went down with the t56 swap.
They would be better if I had more power but to get where I was before with the t5 and 3.73's I need to get some 4.10's or something even lower.
FYI my car does 100mph in 6th gear at around 2,400rpms.

And to smoke one of those....
I dont think the naaaaaws is gonna be enough.
Maybe a blower and a smaller shot of the juice?
Or just find some more cubes.
Either way smoking one of those is not going to be cheap/easy.
agreed you cant beat displacement they got more cubes over us to get started and they are sad to say but built better ...can someone tell me what a ls1 is compared to a 03 mach 1 ...i can hang with the 03 that runs around here whats its comparrison to the ls1..?:shrug: