snake emblem on grill Q


New Member
Jun 8, 2003
i'm wanting to take off the horse on my 01 Cobra grill and put the aftermarket snake decal on there. Do I have to take off my bumper to do this? I believe they have some kind of safety mechanism on their that prevents people from simply unscrewing it from the bracket. If anyone has done this or knows what has to be done, please let me know. Thanks.
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You don't even have to open the hood to change it. The emblem is just held on by two torx screws. You can get a set of torx bits at any auto parts store. have to pull the front of your car off, then after pulling the engine out, then you can get in to mount the emblem. :D j/k. :D

Yeah...two screws and I was done with mine, looks good. :nice: