Snow problem; need tires but low budget


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Dec 5, 2003
I realize this topic has been done to death, as i have been searching for a few days now but i still feel like i need some help for my specific problem.

Keep in mind i am on a VERY low budget please.

I cant afford / dont have space for another (beater) car, so i need to drive my stang ('94 v6) through the pennsylvania winter. the car starts ok if i gas it really slowly but braking and turning is crap.

So far i got 5 50lb bags of sand for the trunk and that made a little bit of a difference but not much. It seems like blizzaks are the best winter tires but i cant afford the 400 bucks to buy a new set fo 4 right now. i would say i have like 200-250 dollars to spend for the tires and the wheels. i dont know where to get wheels from, but i have been lookin arround on ebay for tires, if they are used will they still give the performance i need to drive in the snow/ice? Can someone please suggest some ways to make my car winter ready in the affordable price range? i dont mind buying used as long as it works, and i dont care about looks at this point, it'll just sparkle in the summer i guess.
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as far as cheap ones, dunno.......I just got Pirellis.....

Winter tires usually do their best when new....after a while, the extra tread wears down, and isn't fully effective, but much better than regular tires.

Just do some searching at tire stores, look through their used pile / junk yards / etc. I'm sure you could probably find wheels/tires on a wrecked stang that would suffice through the winter
with the chains, I've seen some links break, thus causing the loose chain to just bang out the inside of the wheelwell. Busted out all of the inner fender

That's why you're not supposed to drive with chains on dry pavement......but it still happens.
I was looking for wheels too because i fig'd that would be easier and maybe more cost efficient so that i would have mounted snow tires n mounted all other season tires n i can just switch back and forth with ease. is it not a big deal (time/cost wise) to get the tires mounted n balanced each year? maybe i'll try the junk yard lol, i dont even know where it is though.
Don't know what you were trying to say, but I have a set of rims original to the car in alloy. I want chrome rims the same size as my original rims as my summer's are just fine. I got BLizzaks from Fireston and the swap back and forth from summer to winter tires is free.

I just want the bling factor during the summer, and since my summer tires are perfectly fine, I want chrom rims in the 16" radius. Pretty damned hard to find seeing that 99% of the chrome rims are always 17". Just trying to be somewaht conservative.
Jamez said:
Do the Blizzaks help you stop too? I found out last night that t-lok has no effect on traction in snow and stopping has always been scary in snow.

Having good tires (and abs) is about the only thing that WILL help you to stop. I'd have to disagree with the tlock having no effect on traction. I get MUCH better traction with my tlock that I did without it. You just can't break the end loose... just have to be careful. Stopping, of course it will have no effect on. It's kinda the same concept as 4 wheel drive (only with 2 wheels of course). Helps you go great forward, but no change in stopping power whatsoever.
The whole point of having a t-lok is that it utilizes the traction thats available to both wheels instead of just one, but when there is no traction available to either wheel then it doesn't help much :p
Well then, I guess the Blizzaks I've been running for the last three years have had some sort of false sense of security as the snow here in Buffalo really piles up, and with the Bllizzals on, my stopping ability has been greatly improved.

Yes, Blizzaks help you accelerate, improve steering, help you stop, and keep your car on the road in snow and ice.