so much for that


That's the fastest $400 car out there
Jan 9, 2003
well im not guessing i know i toasted somthing. last night while testing my new shocks and axel dapeners when near scapose my cars deside it dosent need oil pressure. mind you the last time i was in vancover when this happend so ill find out what went this time i hope its not the heavy duty oil pump or the arp oil pump drive shaft but the distributor in still origonal so im thinking it got weekend the last time and went this time. ill find out tonight when i get home from work.
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i didnt even make it that far well sorta i was on my way down to go up when i saw no oil psi and i just got back from out side and it looks like some how i broke my arp oil pump drive shaft again... sigh how does a stock long block with just some bolt ons and syn oil just rip an arp oil pump shaft. by the way this tes ti shifted at 4ks on stock tack so the over reving thing is out the window