Some pic whoring on a rainy day...

I bought the car in the end of January, but I haven't really had time to get these pics onto this computer to post it. Not only that, but these are pics that the previous owner took. I'm looking to take some myself once I find the digital camera. The mod list is as below:

-Holley Systemax 2 package (Heads, Lunati Roller Cam, Upper and Lower Intake Manifold, Hardened Pushrods, Double Roller Timing Chain)
-MARCH RAM Air Kit and Underdrive Pulleys
-JET Performance Chip
-65mm throttle Body
-24lb Injectors
-190 LPH fuel pump
-Granatelli 73mm Mass Air Meter
-Crane Gold Roller Rockers
-BBK Shorties
-Catted H Pipe (Swapping to an O/R H next week :D)
-2-Chamber Flowmasters
-McLeod Racing Clutch (Clutch went out, replaced it with something else)
-Richmond 3.73 gears and POSI
-Edelbrock Performer IAS shocks and struts
-KYB Quad Shocks
-Maximum Motorsports Strut Tower Brace
-New Steering Rack (Going to purchase a MM Steering Shaft soon as well)
-17" Cobra R rims 235 (front) (Mich. Pilots) and 275 (rear) (Falkens)
---- The fronts in the picture are Kumho Supras, but the kind I had were discontinued and I needed some after a tire accident I had.

Enjoy :)




I've cleaned the interior up quite a bit since I bought it.

Also spent some time cleaning up the engine bay since this pic.

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Car looks GREAT...steering wheel..not so much. Lots and lots of great part...though I'd do away with the Jet chip and just run 14*, I never liked the off the shelf chips. Again the car looks just great...
car looks great besides the steering wheel, mine looked like that then i just took the stitching off the leather wrap and it looks great, you could also just put a new steering wheel wrap
It's raining here in too. Really nice Stang except for above mentioned eaten steering wheel. And you have the same ugly ass center caps as mine, I hate them but don't have the money (about $100 for the ones I want) right now to replace them.


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Yeah, the steering wheel issue I've been looking into for awhile. I never thought about the steering wheel wraps they've got out - Anyone know a good place that sells them online?

As far as the Systemax package goes, I love it. The cam lope will make people from across the parking lot turn heads. When you get to about 4K RPMs, the power just kicks in and it's enough to scare you the first time you drive it. It's awesome for runs on the freeway.

I was thinking about dropping the JET chip and just setting the timing myself. Those timing adjuster chips just piggyback off the ECU right?

Also, mustangphil, what center caps were you looking at? I'd love to see them, as I don't really like mine a whole lot either.

Thanks for the comments all. :SNSign: