Bullitt Some questions about my Bullitt

Hey guys, I'm new to the site and have some questions about my Bullitt. 1st off, it's all stock except for a set of Flowmasters the guy I bought it from had installed. Does anybody know what size of exhaust these came stock with? IS it 2 1/4, or just 2"? I've been running Flowmasters on all my vehicles for the past 5 years and I'm kinda looking to change it up and thought about Magnaflow. Problem is, a cat back kit, or to have the local shop make me one is gonna cost about $500.00 I'd be better off using my mufflers and going with 2 1/2" pipe with some tips to save the money. What do you guys think? Magnaflow or Flowmaster on my stang?

Also, does anybody know what axles are in the Bullitt? Same as the stock GT? This car just spins through 1st and 2nd with street tires and I'd like to run some slicks I've got, but I'm kinda scared to. A guy I know with a 2001 GT broke an axle running some ET streets and his was all stock except for 4.11 gears.

And my last question is what kind of mods do you recommend for this Stang? I know it's got the better intake and I'm going with a better exhaust, but is there anything else that I can do to it for not a whole lot of money? It's my daily driver, so I'm not looking at any internal mods, just some bolt ons like maybe a programmer.

PS. Anybody know what the actual HP is on a stock Bullit? I've read 265-270, just curious if these are accurate.


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2 1/4" exhaust is stock from factory. 8.8 axle with 28 splines. You can get a magnaflow catback for like $350 through this website. Just go to the Partshopper discount forum at the top of the forums page. They were initially rated at 265HP, but then later on supposedly re-rated to 275HP.
My bullitt is also my daily driver and I'm happy with it's current power output after doing a few bolt-ons ;)

Our cars do have a solid axle just like the regular GT's. Another good site to check out is www.imboc.com

It's the "International Mustang Bullitt Owners Club" so there are plety of good threads and useful info on there.