Sometimes I want an S197


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Sep 18, 2005
Enfield, CT
Look at this post from the S197 side of things.

Just some basic bolts ons and running in the mid to low 12s. I just feel like selling my car and getting a used 05 sometimes. All the mods I have done and I probably can't get under the mid 13s. Maybe I will wait till they come out with the new 09s and then the 05-08s will go down in price even more. If I can get a used one for under 15k I think I will go for it.
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Yeah Im not to big a fan of the plain ass GTs or V6s that are on the S197 platform. The ONLY ones I really like are the ones that are all decked out like the Shelby GT 500s. I remember one time when my of my bosses was giving me **** for not buying a newer S197 as opposed to my New Edge he was like "You say you like the old muscle cars buy you dont like the look of the newer mustangs they look like EXACTLY like the old 68s and 69s". I responded with "yeah and I didnt like the 68 and 69 coupes either but I did like the 69 FASTBACK". That would be sick if Ford did a retro style Fastback since they stopped making them after the Fox bodies. But yeah if you can get one for under 15k Id definatly go for it. It kinda makes me mad how I have a 2002 and the 2005+ have roughly the exact same motor and there is a rather large horse power gap between the two. Even the damn S197 V6s came close to what my car puts out stock.
I still cant get over how ****ty the design of the interior is. passenger has no leg room . I love how the dash is set up better in mine as it allows for someone taller to sit next to me without their knees in the dash.
The 05+ mustangs are very nice indeed. As someone pointed out earlier, they are very large cars! They have more interior room than the previous mustangs without a doubt. I am actaully comfortable in an 05+ without moving the seat as far back as it can go (as opposed to the 79-04).

It is a big car, but it doesn't drive like a big car at all. It has coil overs in the front which really help handling and keep body roll under control. It feels more nimble than any previous mustang, but because it has coil overs the ride is actually better.

My dad has a VERY nice looking black 06 GT with GT500 wheels. It has an automatic, but it's really fun to run through a couple gears. The gears are closely spaced, so there isn't a large drop in RPMs between each gear change. Feels and sounds very nice with the close ratio automatic.

Around here, they don't seem to run the times you'd expect... my dad's ran 14.18 at 98mph as I recall. I saw another bone stock 05+ GT running 13.9s-14.0s, and that was the same day I ran 14.2@96 (sig), so I KNOW the weather couldn't have been better.

I have some complaints about the 05+ though. The throttle by wire closes the throttle during shifts... so unless you get a chip you can't power shift. Similar thing for the automatic, you can FEEL it pull power during the shifts, even in light to moderate driving. It is also well optimized from the factory. You may gain 30hp with bolt-ons, but after that you will have to get a power adder or get inside the engine. The pistons are also a bit weaker than previous GTs, so if you are playing with a power adder, you have to be careful.
they are just plain faster, and can be faster easier. The fact that they weigh more and are "big" and still put down better times shows how much great the 3V is. He even got those times through an auto, although it is a great auto. I saw a 18k mile 2006 3V engine and trans on craiglist for 3K the other day. Boy was i tempted
I do agree with all the comments on the S197s. I don't like how they look stock. They need the GT500 spoiler and the silver horse window louvers to look good. Also they need a CAI, Tune and gears. The thing is they respond very nicely to the CAI and tune. A lot of guys are putting down 300+ rwhp (350hp at the crank) with just CAI and 93 oct tune. That’s impressive to me. So basically buying a 05+ is like getting a 03-04 mach but more refined. Granted it’s not a 4v but still a good motor.
I guess it depends on what you're trying to accomplish?

I feel more at home in the new edge, but I'm also not out to race everyone. S-197 is the equivelant of a modern Fox. It loves bolt on's but those bolt on's cost money and a pretty penny too.

There will always be someone faster.
S197's are nice, but I couldn't overlook the fact I was able to get an 03 Cobra for the same price, if not less, and have 400+rwhp right off the bat. S197's are definitely more refined, but it doesn't come close in bang for the buck performance.
It has coil overs in the front which really help handling and keep body roll under control. It feels more nimble than any previous mustang, but because it has coil overs the ride is actually better.

they are NOT coilovers. they are a true macphearson strut. a coilover would have a threaded lower spring perch and allow for ride height adjustments. all ford did was put a suspension similar to AE86 corollas, ie mid 80s.
They are nice cars.

I know 4-5 people with them. All GT's except for 1 V6, and even it gets down pretty good.

12.4 is fast for that car. It responded really well to those mods... dont get you panty in a wad though because at Mustang Week (2 years in a row) I watched bolt on 05+ 5 speed and auto's have trouble dipping into the low 13's.

They definatly do respond better to bolt ons. 300rwhp with just a intake/tune is a little too high, but they will come close or past that mark with a few more bolt ons.
as stated above why pay more for car with less horse power. I would take a mach one over a 05+. mach would react just as well to the same bolt ons and it is lighter.

more refined- how is this. The 09's maybe more refined but the 05+ still have their quirks. no different than when the sn95's first came out. and it isnt a true coil over system. sorry ill take a new edge any day. to each his own i guess.