SOOOOOO Tempted to torch the Stang the other day.....


New Member
Sep 26, 2005
Columbus, OH
So I dropped my 351W in a week or four ago and have been buttoning things up and getting everything ready to start up in my free time. I was like a kid on Christmas 2 days ago preparing to fire her up and enjoy the Stang for the first time in over 5 months. I stab in the dizzy, and get it close enough timing wise to start, hook up the battery, and with great anticipation I turn the key to prime the fuel pump and I notice gasoline spraying all over the engine compartment. One of the fuel rails had a small crack in it. I was so friggin pissed that was thinking about opening the garage, putting it in neutral, lighting the effing thing on fire and pushing it out into the street. Now I have to wait a few more days to get new rails in and then do it all again. It was such a let down, but such is the life of a garage wrenching stang owner.....sorry just a rant.
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I feel your pain! Such a PITA sometimes when things CONSTANTLY go wrong. Hopefully your baby will be back on the streets soon! It seems like the more you want to drive it....the more :poo: happens.