Speaker Time

1992 2.3LX

New Member
Dec 5, 2002
Ok so I have a 92 Hatchback:

Therefor i have

6X8's in the back seat

6 1/2's in the doors

3 1/2's in the dash?

My question is

Should i keep it this setup or should i buy a component setup for the 6 1/2 and run the seperate tweeter to where the 3 1/2's would normally be?

or should i just stick with 3 way 6 1/2's in the doors and 2 way 3 1/2's in the dash?

which will give me the better sound.

2 10's will be added later but that's not of the questions now.
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I used JL 3.5 in dash with bass blockers, 6.5 Pioneers in door due to special application (thin), and 6 x 8 JL's in the rear stock locations. This provides all my highs and mids. Then the subs in back kick up the bass. Any speaker is better than the stock paper as long as its name brand. Changing to poly speakers will let you hear sounds that you never heard due to better frequency response.
I had something like that in my old 88 GT. I had I think JBL 3.5s in the dash, Kenwood 6.5"s in the doors. I thought it sounded pretty good. Of course now that I have components Im thinking to myself... wow my old system was crap. I say get a nice comp. set :nice: