Speedometer cable disconnect?


Feb 22, 2006
How do you disconnect the speedo cable from the side of an AOD. I removed that clip that holds the cable into the housing, but that doesn't look right?
Where is the speedo gear?Do you remove that side bolt and the whole assembly comes out?
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You may have created a problem by removing the clip. The cable is supposed to pull straight out with the clip in place. It can be very difficult to reinstall the clip without bending it.
yes you remove the one bolt on the side of the trans there, and slide the whole assembly out.

i'm guessing the cable didn't come out because it's still atatched to the speedo gear inside, which you can remove by removing the speedo gear retaining clip.

as for jrichker's comment about you possibly causing a problem by removing that clip........you'll have to get it out and look at it to see whats what......and if you can get the clip back in......i'm guessing you are supposed to remove the entire vss assembly, then remove the speedo gear, then the cable comes out.......with the clip still installed.......not positive on that though
Speedo cable removal

[Thanks for the quick reply. I pulled the tranny out yesterday as I am having it overhauled. I guess I should have left the clip in. Oh, well, live and learn.

Thanks again.