Spring and shock ?


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Oct 11, 2005
What is the best spring, shock and struts combo i can put on my car? my car is sagging in the back so im gonna replace it all. i want a nice clean drop. not to low were im gonna scrape everywhere, but low enough to look badass!
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I did the sportlines, with tokico s/s. Work awesome. The s/s were cheap too, they came on the Mach1s, so you can get them at the dealership. I bought mine for $180 shipped from speedconcepts.net. I got the sportlines off a guy here on the classifides brand new for $150. Look and you shall find a good deal.
I run the AGX adjustables, and the Eibach Pro-Kit springs. Mine rides like a Cadillac. You don't want to go any lower than that around here man, I still have to angle over speed bumps to avoid MAJOR scraping, however it still usually manages to scrape a little bit most everywhere.
1.5" drop, and how could I refuse posting pics lol. Here's some side views of the drop. Trust me man, if you want a plush ride, adjustability, affordability, and don't want to scrape your shat everywhere this is the way to go.