Jan 4, 2004
I just bought some new struts and shocks, and i want to buy some springs to go with them. Im want to put them on my 89 LX but i dont know what kind are good for what i need. I use the car as a daily driver, but i want something that is gonna help me when i take it to the track. I heard that the eibach ones are good, but i dont know which ones. Can i have some opinions. Thanks,

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i did my own rear springs which was very easy. just get a jack and put it under the lower arm, remove the bolt, and slowly let the jack down to release the tension of the spring. swap the isolators and put the spring back on the seat of arm and jack it up until you can put the bolt back through basically.

i never attempted the fronts. i know they are more complex though since you need a spring compressor. you should be able to do the rears on your own at least in around an hour.
I had the Eibach Pro-kit, loved the look of the lowered car but at the track i could not transfer weight well so i got slower times. Now i have the Eibach Drag-kit hated the look(looked like a swamp buggy) So i called Eibach and they said take off the front spring isolaters for a 3/4 inch drop. Since the springs are so tall in front even w/ the rubber gone they make NO noise. Looks semi lowered and works GREAT.

p.s. yes the rears are easy. The fronts are rather difficult specially drag springs.