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Jan 28, 2004
im wanting to achieve somewhat of the old school raked look. i dont want it to be as drastic as leaving stock springs in the back and slamming the front. something more subtle than that, maybe the rear 1.5" higher than the front. in a few weeks i'll be ready to put my 18" saleens on. with that in mind, can the look im desiring be achieved? thanks in advance!
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i hae intrax springs on and it gives the raked look the front slightly lower than the rear

kinda hard to see it in this pic , sorry camera phone pic
that looks close to what im wanting. i would like the rear to sit up a lil higher than yours. i have a set of eibachs and bbks. the eibachs slam it and the bbks barely drop it. im thinking about mixin the two. eibachs up from and the bbks out back. hopefully that will get me what i want.