Spun Balancer


the guy doing it does every local racers rear end
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Jul 3, 2009
For the guys that have done it. Have you torn the motor down afterwards to check the bearings? Mine was off about 40-50* so I'm a little curious if I should bother to pull the pan and check
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the balance factor is built into the part that connects to the crank, not the ring that is attached by the rubber. thus there should be no damage to the bearings.
I guess this is why your timing was so far off at the track the other day. Man, that sucks. Hope everything is okay.


yup... not sure if it will explain why its so far down on MPH... i plan to pull the motor this winter so i guess i will pull the pan and check the bearings. i know the rear main seal has to be replaced anyway so i guess i got a few things to do while its out.

biggest thing that confuses me is why it didnt shake the car more than normal. its got solid mounts so id think i could feel it
no its not...its on the outter ring

that depends on the balance factor, the 28oz balancers are on the inner ring. i didnt notice that he had an 88, which as you correctly point out is on the outer ring. even then i am not sure that it makes much difference, but in this case it might be a good idea to check the mains for possible damage.
good to know! guess i wont be pulling the motor now... i'll be doing the rear main seal with it in the car.
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How is the oil pressure? Bad rod or main bearings should lower it. I would also examine the magnetic drain plugs and drained oil if I was worried. I do not know how far and how hard you drove it with the bad balancer. But this was not the end of the world if you caught it quickly.
I'm kidding of course, lmao

you may have been kidding but i knew a guy that had a fox body car and was complaining that it was a royal pain in the backside to change the oil by draining it one quart at a time. turns out he was just emptying the front sump, reinstalling the drain plug, running the engine, then draining the front sump again. lather rinse repeat.:bang:my friend and i were amazed that he didnt destroy the engine.