Spyder Intake II(Anybody using this intake from CHP(Coast High Performance)?

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i have the Spyder for my stroker, ive seen teh spyder II listed on thier site, but i am not sure what the difference between the two is.

Thought i read somewhere that they use a japanese knockoff of the spyder to make the II.

it does NOT clear the stock hood, CHP assured me that it would clear, but they were incorrect. the screws from the TPS sensor hit the hood, causing it to not close. I had to dimple my stock hood to get it to latch. Keep in mind i was using poly mounts too, so that might have been a cause as well, but i cant be sure.
Thanks man, I really like the style of it. Does it give good power and what is the power levels is it mid or low range? I'm using an aftermarket eventually so it isn't a huge worry for me. I like that it doesn't have a huge upper plenum which makes it hard to mess with the fuel injection.
Mid to upper range, i had it on a 306 with AFR 185s and lemme tell you, the thing was a DOG before 4K.

but if you are doing a stroker, or power adder, it cant be beat for high HP. you will sacrifice some torque though.