Staggered wheels... Yay or Nay?


Oct 6, 2015
Sacramento, CA
Right now I have the 20” X 8.5” factory wheels on my 2016 GT. I was thinking of swapping them for some black ones on American Muscle, but I was wondering if anyone here has gone with the staggered wheel look on their S550? Will I need to adjust the factory alignment, shocks or anything to get some 20” x 10” wide wheels? Or will they fit perfectly as is? Just wanting to know what to expect if I decide to go staggered, or if I even should at all. Any input, pics would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Feb 13, 2017
North Olmsted OH
The 10" wide version of your wheel that American Muscle sells will only fit the back. And just an FYI, the gt with the performance pack, and both versions of the GT 350 comes factory with a staggered wheel/tire combo. They fit just fine, but you can't rotate them. If your stang is a daily, stay away from staggered. If you want 10" wide wheels, check they have a good selection of wheels and some are up to 20x11 for the rear and 20x10 for all four corners.


Jan 11, 2007
And go read the current R&T story about the 2018 GT PP2 with the super wide tires and rims. The tram lining issue would drive me nuts as the car hunts all over the road, no tire rotation, can't drive in the rain, and goofy profile. I would keep the 20s that you have and get some sticky Michelins and be done.


Aug 3, 2003
Washington State
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I have some experience with this.

My 2002 Camaro SS was a square fit and handled superbly on a smooth track. And, I could rotate the tires at will. I never had car shake and you couldn't tell which tire it was from, but rode in many of them ... all with staggered fit. The staggered guys didn't have anything on me in corners. Earlier in my life I had several staggered-fit cars. I loved them all until it was time to buy tires.

Cut to today and I have a 2019 Ford Mustang GT Premium PP1 on order. I am going with a square fit ... 285/35R19s and SVE SP2 Bronze wheels. I have heard others say they aren't wide enough, but they are. Without a ruler or looking at the sidewall numbers, you can't tell if they are 285s or 305s, even parked side by side.

Rotating the tires has tremendous advantages and zero disadvantages unless you are just one of those guys who likes a staggered look on the street. It's fine of you are driving a T-bucket and has no downside until the first time you have to buy tires. Then you wind up with old rears and new fronts or vice versa, and the handling changes. It can be very tricky in rain.

I'd stick with a square fit and enjoy a smoother ride all through the car's life after the first tire change.

However, in the end ... it's YOUR car and only you can make the call. I like the staggered fit look but have made a choice after experience with it. if I had an old Dodge Charger, I'd do a staggered fit just so it would look good. In a new Mustang GT, I'll go with a square fit.
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