stang starts, then immediately dies..thoughts?


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Dec 3, 2003
I have 57,000 miles on my 01GT and have never had a single problem. On two seperate occasions over the past two weeks I have run into a situation where immediately upon startup it dies. Both times the car has not run in close to 24 hours. When this happens, I have been able to keep it from dying by keeping on the gas to keep the rpms around 1,500 just to see if it will warm up. It never seems to, so both times I drove off as is. When shifting you can feel the rpm's drop almost down to zero like it's about to die. Then eventually maybe 5 miles down the road & a few stoplights later, the problem is gone. Last night I filled the tank up and added some fuel injector cleaner hoping that could be a possible cause. It started up fine this morning, but I'm worried that it might be more than clogged fuel injectors. The check engine light has not come on during these occasions.

Anyway, does anybody have any thoughts as to what might be causing this?
Sorry for the novel.
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Aug 11, 2002
Most likely a dirty IAC valve or bad IAC motor. Cheap/simple fixes. :nice:
Sep 19, 2003
Had the exact same problem going on about four days ago. The car wasn't driven in a day and when I went to crank it up, it wouldn't even turn over. After about three times it would fire up then shut right down. After about the third time doing this whole procedure(the last being when I was at a stoplight with some blondes next to me and the car just shuts off) I decided to come on here to see what the culprit was. As Gino said it was a bad IAC and you can order a new one at Napa for $52.70 or get a can of Carb Cleaner for $2.29 and take it off by removing the two screws and disconnecting it. Just shoot the hell outta it, or even take it out and soak it with in the cleaner, but make sure the electrical side is up(common sense). Mine works good for now, but people say it is just a temp fix.


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Nov 19, 2002
Orlando, FL
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Me to!!!!!

I just starting having a similar issue on my '98 gt w/ ~57k miles. It starts up and rpms shoot to 1.5k like normal then go to 500 rpms and float from ~200 to ~700 rpms. Then it goes down low enough for the engine to stall. The car remains somewhat driveable as long as you keep on the gas.

The funny thing is that when I shift the rpms drop faster than usual. Are you guys having the same symptom? The problem goes away after about 10 minutes of driving. The problem is back after the car has had a chance to cool off.


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Sep 30, 2001
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my 5.0 did exactly the same thing when my MAF sensor was giving a bad signal. Wierd thing was it didn't show up when I pulled the codes. If ya know someone with the same car try swapping it


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Aug 5, 2003
Tallahassee, FL
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its your iac. if you want to make sure spray down the iac with carb cleaner(the needle part) if it works for a while you know its the iac, but you will need to buy a new one b/c the problem will come back if you just clean it.

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May 26, 2003
Ozark, Missouri
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My brother has had a similar problem in his GT. It will stall on him sometimes and just will not start. He hasn't had the SES light for this either. My likely guess is carbon/dirt in the fuel system, dirty IAC, bad spark plugs, and/or bad coils can is the likely suspects. I'de say try changing your fuel filter yearly, clean the IAC oftenly, change plugs frequently, and always check the coils whenever you have a starting problem This should clear things up and keep the car running smooth. To avoid other problems, always change your oil and other fluids as they need changed and be sure to watch out for faulty o2 sensors. When they go bad, change them immdediately. You don't want your motor running too rich or too lean for an extended period of time as this can cause internal damage to the motor.
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