Starter Issure?


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Jan 3, 2014
Good morning! Lets get to it. Last night I go to leave for work and I insert the ignition key turn to on and the oil light comes one then I turn it to start postion and I get a loud click. I turn the key back to the off position and tried again this time no lights came on and no gauges moved. This morning when I got home I tried again with the same results. If I disconnect the battery and reconnect it then try to start it I get the previous scenarios again. I tried to jump the solenoid just now with no luck. I had the key in the on postions and with two screw drivers attempted to jump it. I didnt get what I was expecting instead of some serious sparks some noise and the sound of the engine turning over I recieved only a very tiny amount of spark and then nothing at all. What parts should I pull to go get tested or buy replacements? The battery, solenoid, or starter or all three?
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Is the car driven much or does it stay in the garage put most of the time?
Batteries are designed to be used or they go bad. If not in use much, battery cable should be disconnected to avoid draining battery.