Stereo Switch


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Sep 19, 2005
I am trying to replace my original stereo in my 99 v6 mustang. I have all of the needed wiring and pieces, but the stereo will not play. I hooked up the original, and it worked fine. I thought that I didn't have a mach system, since it is a stock v6, but I think that the stereo will not work unless it has both the original CD player and the radio hooked up. Is there anyway to bypass this or did I not hook the other stereo correctly? The deck is a pioneer premier. Please help if you can.
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Post this in the "Mustang Sound and Shine" portion of Stangnet. You will probably get more input from individuals that have already replaced their units.
Well you actually have to have two plugs. It is weird but you hvae to have a two in one plug. Where did you get the head unit? I had to take mine back three times to get the correct one. So I would suggest that htey gave you the wrong harness.