Stock plug gap with 6AL box

Did a search and for some reason didn't find what I was looking for.

Have stock motorcraft plugs. Ign consists of Motorcraft cap, rotor, Ford Racing 9mm wires, stock coil, MSD 6AL. I know stock Gap is around .054 - .056. Can I go .060" with the 6AL? I have it gapped at stock now, and my buddy keeps telling me to open it up or there's not much point to having the box on there on such a stock setup [stock motor for the time being]... I guess opening up the gap to .060 will be one of them every extra bit helps things according to him.

I'm going to the track tonight in search of stock 12.9s, instead of changing the heads cause I have to wait till Monday for some gaskets I forgot to get. :bang:
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Wow, gapped em all .060" and wow.. spins 1st, 2nd, hooking but sideways all through 3rd now and a good chirp going into 4th, everytime. :banana:


Not really, but it does seem a bit more throttle responsive when you step into it... the gaps were all over the place [1 was .043....] so it helped some i'm sure. Noticed it too, when its idling in neutral and you whack the gas real quick... more repsone there too..