Stock valve spring limits?


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Nov 2, 2004
How high of an RPM can stock springs handle? I have stock heads that have been port matched, with 1.7 rockers and an E-cam. Given that the power band is higher up in RPMs, I wonder how high the stock springs can go? I haven't figured out if I am going to go with new heads, or just leave the engine the way it is. If I leave it alone, then I might want to look into replacing the springs so I don't have issues at higher RPMs.
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Well the stock rev limiter is set at 6250... So I would say that is the limit. But the cam falls off around 5800.

It will also depend on the age of the springs. If the are new, they will be better. If they are old and worn out... well lets just say that the stockers were less than optimal from the factory.