Strange ignition problem


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Feb 10, 2007
Hello everyone, I'm new here. I just bought my very first car yesterday. A 1992 Mustang LX Hatchback. It has a major problem though. When the engine is cold, it starts up just fine. I then drove to my house which was about three miles from where it was bought. I shut off the car, went inside, then came back out to start it up again. No dice. Cranked for about 10 seconds. It wouldn't start up. After waiting for about 4 hours for the car to cool off, it started up. I then took the car to the local mechanic. I got my ignition module replaced. Started up after 4 cranks. Took it home. Shut it off, and tried to restart it, no dice once again. I have been reading that it is possible to have a faulty brand new ignition module, so I have been taking it into consideration. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!

(p.s. In all this time, the tach was reading while I was cranking the engine.)
-Adam S.
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are you referring to the ignition switch,?,,where is that ign relay???,i had the same problem and it was the igniton switch which is bolted with two tamper proof bolts inside the column,,,thanks