Strange Knocking Noise Coming From Front End. Help!!!


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Mar 4, 2016
Tempe, Az
What's up guys,

Here's a link to my last post, It will tell you everything you need to know about the mods I have on my 97.

Yesterday I was driving down the free way crusing about 75 MPH. Out of no where I noticed this strange noise which seems to be coming from the front drivers side wheel area. The noise is only noticeable above 65 mph. The best way I can describe the noise: It sounds as if the hood is latched but not fully secure and its bouncing up and down. Just a constant knock and it sounds as if it's happening and every full rotation of the tire. I got off the freeway and noticed the same sound when I came to a hard brake. I got to the place I was headed and looked under the car to see if I could find a brake pad hanging off. I noticed a piece of plastic from the wheel well that was torn so I kind of shimmied it to get it into a better position. I left my location and hopped back onto the free way and about 10 miles into the drive the slide started again.

All I know for sure:
Occurs after 65+
Noticed a bit more shaking of the steering wheel.
Seems to happen again at a hard brake.

Unsure of:
If it's just during acceleration or at both acceleration and coasting.
Where exactly it's coming from

I'm going to get under the car today to see if I can recreate the noise. If you guys have any ideas about what it could be or a specific place to start looking that would be great!

Thank you!!!
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