Strut Tower Brace Install


Founding Member
Feb 3, 2002
Saint John NB, Canada
I have had my strut tower brace for about 2 months now and today I am going to install it. Any specail things I need to know. Just undo the bolts and bolt the brace on or is there something I should know about this first?? What about the Camber and all the stuff am I am going to mess it up ??
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What brand is it? Every STB I know of you have to drill holes to bolt it in. Shouldn't mess with the alignment at all. On mine, the firewall bolts were put in first to hold it in place. Then, I drilled the holes in my stut towers and installed those bolts. After that I tightened them all down to spec. Pretty simple, take your time and drill the holes right the first time.
What Fox Saleen 163 said. Just take your time. The only problem I had was using both hands to tighten the fenderwell bolts while holding the nut on the other side (it's easier with an extra set of hands). Also, the sheet metal in the shock towers is fairly thick so a sharp drill bit makes it easier.
One other thing you might want to consider. If you're putting in a STB, it's quite possible some caster-camber plates might be in your future, too. Not all STB/CC plate combos will fit together on the strut tower without some fabrication. If you get plates, get the vendor to tell you what's compatible.