Stupid exhaust shops...


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Oct 7, 2003
There is a compition going in my town of norman, oklahoma. Between two brothers "University Muffler" and "Performance Muffler" of course i used university on my camaro I had, and I was always going back to fix exhaust leaks... And I put headers on it and had to get a new y-pipe built and they shoved my y pipe all the way inside the flowmaster where it was up against a baffle... And later I was thinking "why is this thing running like hell and so quite..." so later I bottemed out (go figure...) going into sonic and broke the weld on they pipe connectes to the muffler. So I thought I would take it to the other exhaust shop (they are more expensive but I thought they might do better work) And he jacked it up. And I look at the pipe that connects the two it was the same size as the other two that connected to the headers, and I asked guy if he would put a 3" pipe on because the other place was supposed to put a 3" on there instead of a 2 1/2". When he broke the welds on the flowmaster we looked and the pipe was shoved all the way in the flowmaster... I had never seen anything that stupid in my life... and the guy said, where did you get this done? And I told him, and he said "oh.. figures that dumbass would do that". After he put everything back together the way it should have been, the sob ran good and was loud has h3ll. so now they got all of the exhaust work on my stang. That goes to show you that you get what you pay for...
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hes not kidding there is almost NO good car shops in our part of the world....

Except Mike Duffy Race Cars, shassis shop, and a guy named Gerald Brandt that is a Ford head Guru...

i cant find anyone to do a t-5 buildup.
Not surprised , I've worked for exhaust shops for a very long time untill 4 years ago when a back injury forced me out of the biz, and I have seen some real boneheads do some nasty work, I once saw a new guy who said he could tackle a dual exhaust job on a cherry 72 Buick Lesabre cut the driveshaft off the car with the torch thinking he was cutting the exhaust pipe which ran next to the driveshaft :rlaugh: Exhaust work is not easy to do and custom work is an art form unto itself, make sure to check out the shops reputation and ask to speak to the guy thats going to do the work, and a little tip money on the side cant hurt :D
In austin there is maybee 2 or 3 good shops in the whole area. One is a guy who does alot of stuff on the side like welding and trans rebuilds. And then there is me. Most of the ford dealers are pretty bad here and suck.
I found that a lot of service people I have met at shops are real nice because they like my car, and ya can just tell they might try a lil harder to make everything work out.
You end up talkin Mustangs with em, and they are almost like friends as they are workin.
I agree about the do it yourself quote. Am I the only person on the planet that knows what straight means? I think crooked not only means the way exhaust shops mount the pipes, but also the $$$ they rip you off for. Talk about crazy. I have found that the older guys that have been raised up under the car know their stuff and can bend pipe with their eyes closed. Not all but most young punks just want your cash!