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May 7, 2006
ordered these last wednsday afternoon arrived at home friday evening.ordered from Brother's,$155 total.they are a bolt on design,but can also be welded in.i'm taking them to work tonight and grinding them clean at the point's where they will be welded to the car.if it's not too hot this weekend,i'll bolt them up,then have them welded in.
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i agree about Brother's prices.the main reason i got these is i have more option's with these. i perfer to do all work myself.with the BBK's,i can bolt them in and pay a little more to have them welded up.or buy a welder from Harbor Freight and do it myself or,run them as a bolt on for awhile.

i did alot of research before i decided on the BBK's,checked many online sites for brands,prices with shipping,shipping times,installation requirements.the BBK's,i felt fit my requirement's stated above.
I am running BBK subframes on my 95 vert and like them alot, they definatley made a big improvment in the drivability of the car. I took my car to a muffler shop and had them welded in for 50 bucks, I didn't want to install them myself since I don't have a welder and a lift:D