Suggest a Cam..... for this set up


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Sep 29, 2001
Engine: 302
Compression: 10.2:1
Heads: AFR 185 (58)
Rockers: Crane Gold 1.6
Pistons: JE Flat Top
Rods: Eagle
Intake: Trick Flow Street Heat
Distribtor: MSD
TB: 70mm
Injectors: 30#
MassAir: 77mm Pro-M
Filter Piping: BBK to the fender
Fuel Pump: 255
Headers: FRPP 1 5/8 coated
Mid Pipe: Bassani X, catless
Cat-back: Borla

Suspension so far:(if it matters)

Steeda aluminum uppers and lowers
MM full subframes
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Here's the cam I'm going to be using:

hyd. roller.
dur @ 050
in 248
ex 253
in 585 ex 612
112 lobe sep.

that cam is too big for your setup what you plan to do with it? daily driver? A/C? i have comp cams XE274HR on my ex 306 and now on my 347 i love it spins fast and lots of torque i would recomend that for your setup and you CR :nice: if not call jay and get a custom but if you whant off the shelf get this one is a nice nice cam!