summer planz!!

Mr. Rustypwnz

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Jun 1, 2005
indianapolis/ valdosta ga
Ite, I have to make a couple decisions to make, this summer Im going to have my 86 painted, its either gonna be red silver or blue. help me decide!! Then im going with a tfs stg 2 cam, a upper holley systemax intake, lower is a ported to hell and back truck unit, 24 lb erz, a 75mm tb a matching maf of somesort, and a 125 shot of naawwwzzzzz!!! and a gforce t5 maybe if I have any money LOL. I have some pics in my profile of dads notch and my 86, if anybody wants to do a chop on the silver one go for it and post it up in blue or red or even black maybe.

Thanks josh
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Leave it Silver... I think its a classy color, and red is over done. Blue just doesnt appeal to me (of course these are JUST my opinions). I personally almost went Silver and would have, had I left the red interior in the car!
the only plans I have for this summer is to drive my car.......and buying a house (the reason I can only afford to drive it)

On the bright side I do have a nice collection of parts waithing to be installed!
I think silver with some black rims and polished lip, I'd actually like to see some ponies done like that, I think alot of ppl are doing it but hey, there is a reason... cause it looks badass!

Sounds like a good combo, but are you gonna get it runnin for now with the stcok stuff?

BTW My nitrous **** should be here sometime early this week, I paid him last tuesday, but w/e as long as I get it before wednesday I'll be fine, I am ready to get this beast fired up!!!!!!
Its been runnin for like 2 months now with the gt40p's but crap has happened so it sits. My paint choice is think would be silver, I need to decide on a hood though and it will be good. The nitrous should be badass!! You have got to do a movie of it when you get it workin right!!! Im gonna post one up as soon as I get it skriaghtened out!!