Summit MAF OK?


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Nov 5, 2003
Anyone out there ever get a MAF sensor SummitRacing brand? Looks like
thats my only choice for a 75mm 24lb calibrated sensor. Granatelli and
Ford Racing dont make em that small. Pro-M is the only one that makes
the same size sensor and Ive never heard of them. At least thats all Summit and Jegs carry.

Im of a mind to trust Summit. They gave me a free hat with my last
order. :)

Backstory, 89 GT installing BBKSSI intake, FR throttlebody, BBK cold
air kit, broke an injector nozzle tip so instead of replacing 1
injector for $70 figured upgrade to FR 24lb injectors and matching
MAF, so its ready for heads and cam next year maybe.

SO, any input on aftermarket MAF sensors would be great. Thanks,
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I might simply call and ask who makes the MAF. Quick and easy.

Good luck.

it doesnt matter who makes it, because the supplier builds to summit quality levels. Summit told me taylor makes their summit brand plug wires. COOL, I'll order a set. NOPE, they started misfiring within 1000 miles. Typical Summit brand parts :bs:

good luck on your decision.