Suspension problem

My 96 snake is acting up. Over bumps and uneven roads my front suspension is really loud. Loud squeaking that I would think is the front struts. But, when the car is at a stop light/sign, and I turn the wheel, it is REALLY loud. It sounds like a mouse on fire... Now I think it is either my struts, springs, or bushings. Any opinions? Im really not gonna drive it until I fix it, so thanks for the help in advance.
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after I dropped mine, my passenger balljoint went out pretty quick, kinda sounds like the same thing. You can try to get under it and grease some stuff up, unfortunately the factory balljoint boot, is sealed, I ijnected some into mine to temporarily shut it up. Pep boys diagnosed it for me for free. We replaced the balljoints, and bumpsteer at the same time, so I can't say which was the one for sure, but I bet ball joints. good luck, pm me if I can be of further assistance. chris
Tie rods. I had them replaced under warranty on my wife's car at 32000 miles. The service dude said they were both bad, but one was so seized up that the ball wouldn't even move in the socket off the car.
chrisbudl1 said:
I think steeda has them pretty cheap. I got my x2 ball joints, and bumpsteer kit for 200. not too bad. not to hard to install either
You don't even need all that...just go to Autozone and get OEM replacement outer tie rods and install them...Shouldn't be more than $40-50 for both...

I even had mine done at a local Meineke and it only cost like $120 since I didn't have the tools or an area to change them when mine were squeaking...