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Mar 15, 2006
So I am gonna do a suspension upgrade. All stock suspension wise, I was thinking the MM Starter kit which comes with

* H&R Race or Super Sport Springs
* MM Caster/Camber Plates (in Black or Chrome finish)
* MM Urethane Pinion Snubber
* Bilstein Struts and Shocks
* Front and Rear Urethane Spring Isolators

Then I was also going to get the MM XL SFC's.

Anything about this setup you would change?
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I'd throw in the extra 30$ and upgrade the swaybar bushings and steering rack bushings to polyurethane ones.

And I wouldn't install the urethane spring isolators, because they can raise the ride height up to 1/4".
if this is your daily driver you may want to reconsider the choice of springs

i have H&R Sports w/ Bilsteins and the ride is perfect. any stiffer (race or SS) and ride quality won't be the greatest.