T-45 fluid Qs


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May 31, 2005
tacoma Wa
I seen where the 3650 guys have changed their fluid and had fixed probloms such as noise smother shifts and 1-2 shift grind. Well I have a 1-2 shift grind and was wondering what the best fluid is out their I am running redline in it now. What is the worst fluid youve ran? whats the best? thanks
How many Qts? 97 gt
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Tremec recommends Mercon III. That's what I used last time but I just picked up 4 fresh qts yesterday. I'm hoping it helps my 1-2 grind. I've heard the syns don't help much so I just went with what is recommended. Hopefully someone has had some luck with something else.
Thanks for the replys.I have the tri ax shifter in it,its adjusted right and i dident drive it much with out it on the car. I guess ill replace it soon with the recomended mercon3.1-2 grind is so annoying some times it does it some times it dont and it gets embarasing.
See some days it does it some it dont.Today i went out and no grind the most i got it up to is 4800 in first so ummmmmm im at a loss i guess if i get to annoyed with it ill go to mercon3 this weekend.
Does enyone have a prothane or solid or energy suspention tranny mount? I was thinking of getting one to get rid of the slopp but need some input.
Reverse will grind or be hard to get it in gear because it has no synchro. You can put it in 1st, roll forward a little then put it into reverse. Another thing you can do is hold the clutch in for about 10 seconds then put it in reverse.
i've used a few syntyhetic fluids in my t-45 and by far the best is Royal purple Max ATF, it shifts smooth and I am actually swithching back to RP FROM syncromesh (which i have now) I had syncromesh in an earlier tranny too and I prefer the RP.
Ok I picked up rp atf max and they had another bottle like senchromax (recomended for ma nual trannies that require atf) it said smother shifting ect ect. Well i think im going to take the atf max back for this stuff.