T-5 or tremec?

Im sure this is a pointless thread to start but ive got the tranny out of my 91 GT due to an issue griding 5th of all gears and its got tremec stamped all over it, and the pro 5.0 shifer i bought for a T-5 went right on. I heard somewhere that tremec bought out borg warner? Just thought it was strange.
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Yikes thats a scary thought, especially with only 50K on it, but I guess its not like Im exactlly easy on it anyways! At any rate its all tore down and needs the 5th gear synchro and gear, dont ask me how? I know my last 5.0 i destroyed 3rd which makes more sense but either way. I really want to toss a set of 3.73s at it but funds arent there right now while its all torn apart


Apr 15, 2006
i've tore the teeth right off of 3rd gear more times than i can count on my fingers lol

yeah that tremec T-5 is the same as a borg warner T-5 as far as i know

you should look into getting a TKO or a 3650, it would be a worth while investment if you are hard on your gearbox IMO
Yeah i hear you on that. I would really love to toss a better tranny in it but that would have to be down the road. Ive got the parts coming in the mail to fix this one, I try not to be too hard on this one, I figure the cars bone stock other than exhaust it doesnt really have too much to prove, still better than the rusty hondas in my town!!!


That is…until I whipped out my Bissell
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Feb 18, 2001
The good thing about T-5's is that they are dirt cheap to fix and parts are common. I regularly take 2-3 broken t-5's and make one good t-5. If you know what you are doing, it's very easy. The trans almost puts itself together


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Sep 18, 2007
It's good to hear they're not that difficult to assemble. I've been reading the Tremec rebuild instructions as I acquired a "maybe it's good" WC unit from a friend for a case of beer and have been thinking of rebuilding it and swapping the notch over to stick.