t5 assembly


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Nov 23, 2005
margate NJ
I have been tryin to get the top cover on my t5 correctly for hours, I have everything in neutral but when I try putting the cover on and engage the shift forks, it seems that the synchro sleeve towards the output shaft ,the 1st and 2nd doesnt seem to line up with its corresponding shift fork, the sleeve seems too far towards the front of the trans,however if I engage 1st gear by sliding the sleeve rearward the forks will go into place and I can install case cover but the trans will not shift.I dont get it ,the T-5 rebuild manual acts like its no big deal to install the top cover.I have the projection in the notch on the ist and 2nd gear selector plate like the manual says. am I missing something?
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i've built a few T5's.. the top plate can be tricky sometimes, check to make sure all the pieces are correct. I had one that the forks actually shifted and moved around somehow and i couldnt use it like it was, had to get another to only find out all i needed was to pull it apart real quick. Good luck with it
Are you absolutely positive that the gears are in neutral themselves? Mine moved around a bit on me just enough to make me stop for a minute to make sure I was lined up correctly.

Take a break, have a beer and give it another try..

Ok my prob was,The 1st and 2nd collar/slider fork was not going far enough towards the mechanism in the center,therefore everytime i tried to install the cover that slider would move out of neutral all the way into 1st.thanx much fellas