T5 Info Needed! Please Help?


10 Year Member
Sep 30, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
Hey All,
I have a T5 from a 90-91 5.0 Mustang in my 68 Coupe, number 1352-199. I'm in desperate need of two bits of info, as I have just disassembled the tail housing to change the speedometer drive gear. Here's what I need to know and can't seem to find:

A) What is the torque spec for the tail shaft housing bolts?
B) What is the correct/best synthetic ATF to use? When I put this car together 6 years ago, I had the info and used a Valvoline synthetic or semi-synthetic product, but can't recall if it was Mercon, Dexron, TypeF, etc, etc, or a catch all combination. It has operated flawlessly and I would like it to continue as such.

I kinda need these answer sorta quick, as the transmission is waiting semi-patiently for my attention!

Thanx In Advance For All Assistance,
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5 Year Member
Jan 17, 2010
Just use Mercon ATF ..don't use type F..that works for power steering .